• Krystal Reese

💛💙10 Ways to Pay for a Doula🧡💜

1. Save up!!! If you are planning your pregnancy, it's a perfect time to save up money for that special time or prepay your desired doula!!

2. Use FSA/HSA/HRA funds. Insurances will allow you to use your funds to pay for doula services.

3. Also, ask your insurance company will they cover doula services. If your doula has an NPI, there are over 20 insurance companies that will reimburse for the services. 4. Add to your baby shower gift registry... Ask your guest to give gift cards at your baby shower. 5. Ask your doula if they offer sliding scale fees or payment plans. You can make payments over the 9 months. 6. Use a community doula!!! Community doulas are amazing and vital members of the birth worker community!!! And they can be slightly less expensive than independent doulas 7. Seek organizations that offer scholarships!! There are some organizations that will pay for all or part of your doula services as well and some doulas may offer support free due to money donated to their own company. 8. Barter & Trade!!!! Are you a business owner or have a skill you can offer in return for support. Doulas are small businesses and usually could use things for their business, just ask!!! 9. Use a Doula in Training!!! Doulas in training need a certain number of births to fulfill certification requirements and may be willing to support your birth for free in return for your testimony. Seek out certifying organizations and ask for a recommendation of newly trained doulas. 10. Prioritize!!! I know there may feel like a long list of things you need for the baby before they arrive. None of those things are more important to have than a safe and informed birth. Determine if there are things that can wait or be crossed off the list to fund doula services.

And if you need a doula !!! Wild Birth Partum Care has availabilities!!!

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